Elephant Attack Mosque

A group of pilgrims who want prayer yesterday morning to find that the hubbub surrounding the mosque in this area is damaged due to elephant attacks.

Early morning incident that also destroyed crops such as bananas and palm trees and bring the fence in the back of the mosque was damaged.

Animals also leave droppings in the barn area mosques besides damaging several cooking appliances such as stoves crater.

Elephants are coming from the garden

A resident, Aziz Yusof, 40, said the day before the occurrence of an elephant entering the mosque, the animal is found in a garden.

"Around 6 pm yesterday, I completed and returned to the garden tap at about 8 pm to fill out the rainfall rubber hardener material is expected to happen that night.

"When he reached the garden, I found a wooden hut where I rest is damaged and almost destroyed. In addition, several branches of the rubber is broken. I try to identify intruders who enter the area and spotted a rubber plantation not far from the elephant droppings wooden hut, "he said.

Aziz said, after a saw stool, he rushed back home because he feared being attacked an elephant.

"I am concerned that the animal suddenly came and attacked me," he said.

Banning people out

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Development and Security Committee (JKKK) area, Isa Mohd Yusof said, all residents are asked not to rubber tapping out on the day following the occurrence of an elephant attack in the village.

"Almost the entire population has a rubber plantation and we believe that the elephant is made ​​up of mothers and children are still there in the garden.

"Therefore, I hope the residents can hear the instructions for fear that their security is threatened," he said.

Jesus said, some people saw the destruction of the animal involved banana plantation about three to four days ago.

"We believe that the elephant was coming from the nearby forest reserve. In addition, residents also found footprints of elephants in the river near where the animal crossed to get to this village.

"I have reported this incident to the office of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Wildlife), and they rushed to the area to track a group of elephants here, "he said.

The first incident

A senior citizen, Siti Aminah Abdul Rahman, 63, said the incident was the first elephant attack occurred during her stay in the village.

"For 63 years I lived here, this village had never attacked or entered into an elephant. Genesis today (yesterday) very scary and we as a people anxious to go to any of the elephants for fear of attack.

"Animals that prefer wood ashes from the kitchen and is believed to attack the mosque because there was dust in the barn," he said.

Will make monitoring

Meanwhile, the State Director of Wildlife, Khairiah Mohd Shariff said when contacted by The Star, after receiving reports from residents, officers went to the area last night to make a review.

"Follow-up was done yesterday morning and Wildlife officers doing shots to scare the elephants away from villages.

"We believe the elephant is moving in a group and some of them have crossed the river to return to their original habitat.

"However, there is still a more elephants are all around the village for allegedly split from the original group," he said.

Khairiah said Wildlife will monitor from time to time in the village and asked people not to rubber tapping for a while.

"In the meantime, the elephant unit of the Department of Wildlife is conducting operations in the area Bera. Once completed, they will move into the village to make a follow-up, "he said.

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